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  Concrete Music - EP Hot Elephant Music
HEM0306 -
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Somewhat You Need  - IT-G92-08-00015
Kneepulse -                   IT-G92-08-00016 
About You: -                  IT-G92-08-00017
Zampettu -                     IT-G92-08-00018

Italcimenti - Under Costruction
Italcimenti Album
"Under Construction"
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 Ludus Pinsky (Lapo Lombardi) and Alexander Robotnick (Maurizio Dami) are Italcimenti, a  fuzz project seeking to re-construct the way to heavy-cement music, so sadly 
famous in the early 80s.
Thanks to their boldenss and daring a new generation of survivors will have the chance again to listen to the sound
  that makes your legs feel as heavy as cement blocks. 

 ITALCIMENTI - Some What You Need         Italcimenti - Men at work

Home  Italcimenti are: Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky

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